Dave Smith's culture is firmly rooted in the family values that the Smith Family started when the company was established in 1965. From the beginning, Dave Smith said, "We only do deals that are as good for the customer as they are the dealership." The Smith Family has developed a culture that guides the team on how they interact with the customers and each other.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

We hire for values. It is important to us that each and every team member embodies our core values in their personality. Our entire team treats each other with respect. We look for people who are the same people at home as they are at work. Our core values are a living breathing thing, not just plaques on our walls.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Dave Smith provides continued education for our entire team. We encourage self-improvement professionally, personally and physically.

Build Relationships with Communication

Creating a relationship with our customers, and making a new friend is our #1 rule at Dave Smith! Communication is KEY to our cultures functionality as well as our "Hassle Free Buying experience". Ken Smith has designed processes that help us supersede the customer's expectations and work together with precision and ease. These processes guide us to function as one team, with one plan and one goal!

Embrace and Drive Change

From the very beginning, the Smith Family has been driving change in the auto industry. It all started with Dave Smith who was the first to offer one price. Dave Smith was one of the earliest auto dealerships to be online, and had a website even before many automotive manufacturers. We foster new thinking and look for team members that are engaged and will help us continue to be "#1 in the World".


Creating a relationship with our customers, and allowing new customers to have fun and buy with ease is key, or they won't come back. Dave Smith's culture is designed to create a Hassle Free Buying Experience* for customers.

High Standards

Everything we do at Dave Smith is done with precision and expertise. Our team works well together to make sure we are all accountable for the high standards set for us by the Smith Family. Our processes are designed to assure quality control and deliver the best possible service and products to our customers.

*Hassle Free Buying is the customers decision to buy without the hassle of negotiating

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