Inventory Intake Specialist - Photographer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for photographing and documenting the Mileage, odometer readings, VIN sticker, VIN plate, and any damage

• Inspects all acquired inventory for major damage and easily identifiable mechanical issues

• Logs, tracks and manages all acquired inventory.

• Loading photos to Dealerslink

• If a Vehicle has noticeable body damage or the check engine light is on notify the service writers immediately so they can get it to proper location.

• Responsible for documenting and verifying accurate and detailed documentation of information for all acquired vehicles to ensure a seamless process for all departments and management

• Other duties may include driving vehicles from various locations.

• Attends all staff meetings, trainings, and educational classes as required

• Coordinates and works with co-workers, team members and other departments

• Follows all safety and security procedures

• Performs other duties as assigned.

Utilizing Fundamental Skills

• Understands and complies with federal, state, and local regulations, such as safety requirements, hazardous waste disposal, OSHA, Right-to-Know, etc. Producing Quality Results

• Provides prompt, efficient and quality service to the customers and dealership.

• Takes the initiative to exceed customer satisfaction, even if it requires overcoming obstacles. Communicating With and Valuing Others

• Presents self as a role model by demonstrating commitment to the department, customers, dealership and company.

• Strives for harmony and teamwork within the dealership.

• Communicates verbally and non-verbally clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm in one-on-one and group interactions.

• Listens actively to understand others completely. Managing Demanding Situations

• Resolves all disputes and difficulties with professionalism and composure.

• Prioritizes work to ensure all deadlines are met.

• Seeks new and challenging responsibilities. Applying Business and Technical Knowledge

• Keeps up-to-date on all information that is pertinent (e.g., dealership policies and procedures, etc.) to the position.

• Strives to increase dealership knowledge. Supervisory responsibilities This position does not have any supervisory duties

Qualifications and Skills

• Attention to detail

• Able to drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles

• Basic automotive knowledge a must

• Ability to consistently follow dedicated processes

• Able to work well as part of a team

• Reliable attendance is a must

• Able to work independently with minimal supervision

Physical Requirements

The physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with a disability to perform the essential functions.

• Ability to bend, kneel, squat, stand and lift heavy objects as needed

• Frequent walking required

• Driving vehicle

• Using computers to look up and enter data

• Ability to stand for long periods of time

• Snow removal from vehicles to inspect and take photographs.

• Subject to environmental conditions such as weather and temperature as position activities occur inside and outside.

• Other environmental conditions may include noise, vibration, fumes (e.g. exhaust fumes and paint), dust, other hazardous and non-hazardous materials

This Position is Available at Dave Smith Motors - Kellogg, ID